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Welcome to Hearts of Japan. This is a blog dedicated to one of Asia's richest cultures and high-tech emporia, from Tokyo's lively neon streetlights to tranquil villages, and to magnificent ancient castles.
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Kyoto, Nishiki Ichiba Market by BeboFlickr

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Center of the Thousand Trees (中千本)

By arcreyes [-ratamahatta-]

The Road of Laputa

Kumamoto prefecture, Japan

By tomosang R32m

箱根 Hakone

By Messhy

Tion-in temple, Kyoto

By Marser


By torode

Till the end of the world

Breathtaking Sunset in Tokyo, Japan

By inhiu

Peaceful scene.

By MakiEni777

Lonely cat on a nostalgic street.

By rampx


By hidesax

Yummy manju.

One Tree vs The World

By jasohill

Hi everyone! I hope you still remember me. Sorry I have been absence from tumblr for the past month. I was extremely busy. Good thing is, I am now back! I’ll continue to run this blog and I hope everyone will enjoy it just like before!